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Employers! Unleash your expertise and inspire the next generation of our workforce!

Updated: May 17

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To employers in Nottingham, Mansfield, Doncaster with apprenticeship programmes, D2N2 Careers Hub and The Early Talent Consultancy have a great opportunity for you!

Join forces with us and the D2N2 Careers Hub to deliver 'Get In 2 Apprenticeships' events in schools.

Our goal? 

Raise awareness of apprenticeships, with a focus on empowering students and spotlighting local opportunities to those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Confirmed dates:

Nottingham: 25th June

Bircotes, Notts 4th July

Mansfield: 9th July

Sutton in Ashfield: 10th July

Mansfield: 17th July

Nottingham: 19th July

Nottingham 22nd July

Maximum 3 hours each event on site at the schools depending on school timetable.


What’s in it for you: 🚀

🌟 Showcase your apprenticeship programmes and tap into future talent. 

🌟 Share your insights and expertise, shaping the next generation. 

🌟 Coach, motivate, and inspire the workforce of tomorrow. 

🌟 Champion inclusivity and boost your community impact.

What students gain:

✅ Insights into the world of apprenticeships. 

✅ Connect with local employers.  

✅ Engage in Q&A sessions with apprentices from your organisation. 

✅ Valuable tips for crafting successful applications.

Employer eligibility:

  • Established apprenticeship programme. 

  • Attainable entry requirements for students.  

  • Collaborate to deliver 3 hour sessions.


We'd love you to take part, so please get in touch!


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