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  • Helen Eleftheriou

Happy 1st Birthday to The Early Talent Consultancy! 🎂🎈

What a year it’s been!

Last year when we launched the objective was (and still is) to make a difference for young people as well as inspire employers to invest in Early Talent.

In the main we've have achieved this as we're privileged to work with fabulous clients who’ve given us the opportunity to have a positive impact on their business.

We've had lots of highs and lows;

👏🏼Delivering a suite of employability to events to local schools.

👏🏼Winning Theo Paphitis’ #SBS!

👏🏼Established a trusted network of experts who’ve supported us throughout.

We have the flexibility to make my our decisions, such as which colour pallet to use for branding. 😊

We miss not having an IT helpdesk when tech doesn’t work. 😆

Miss the random chats with work friends.

That said, we're grateful and happy with the 1st year and looking forward to the opportunities year 2 will bring.

If anyone needs support with anything Early Careers, please contact us on

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