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  • Helen Eleftheriou

School Mock Assessment Centres

🌟Over the past 2 weeks we've been honoured to deliver Virtual Mock Assessment Centres to students from schools across Derby which has given them the opportunity to meet with employers and practice their interview skills.

🌟We met some impressive students who gave us positive feedback on the insights and advice they received from the assessors. 😄

🌟The support we had from employers was incredible as without them the assessment centres wouldn’t have been a success.

So thank you Christine Sampson-Hughes Berni Dickinson Mandy-Jayne Evans Joanne Carpenter Tom Mulcahy Tania Hay Erika Brown Shaheen Parekh Bill Bauer Hannah Litt (she/her)Vicki Murdie Natalie Webster Anna K Smith A Logical Lucy Ward Sarah Smith, Abigail Phillips Steve Nelson Jason Roper, Athina Eleftheriou Megan Morris Charlie Oldham Matt Reynolds Richard Oakes Katie Wells Tracey Oldham Emma Wilson ✨

Finally, thank you🙏Jacqui Kinch who was fundamental in working with the schools to promote the Assessment Centres to their students. Without her support none of this would have been possible.

Over the next few months we are delivering other opportunities for students and employers to network, so get in touch if you want to know more.

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