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  • Helen Eleftheriou

Why It’s Important to Give Candidates Feedback

How would you feel if you’d spent days preparing for and attending an interview or assessment centre, didn’t get the job and then after all that you didn't receive any feedback…?

Disappointingly this is common practice for some organisations within Early Careers due to the sheer volumes of candidates assessed.

From our experience we do understand that offering feedback adds to already huge workloads, but when provided is a beneficial outcome for your organisation and your candidates;

✅ Those candidates can turn into your best advocates.

✅ It’s positive for your brand.

✅ Candidates can build on the feedback for their own development.

✅ It’s a great candidate experience.

✅ They may be suitable for your business in the future.

✅ For many this may be their first ever assessment centre - make it a great experience for them!

So, to those organisations who don’t provide feedback, our plea is for you to re-consider.

Please take that extra time to show your candidates they’re valued and provide them with constructive and positive feedback.

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