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Revolutionising talent acquisition through innovative technology

The Early Talent Consultancy's role was to select, implement and embed an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) across 10 countries for a global manufacturer. This project marked the company's first-ever global ATS, enabling a digital transformation of their talent acquisition.

Selecting the technology

To ensure the right ATS was chosen, focus groups were carried out within the company including hiring managers, employees and the HR team to understand their current recruiting experience and what improvements they’d like to see.   This helped shape the criteria of what was needed for a long term sustainable solution for the organisation. After viewing several ATS providers, two were shortlisted and the global HR team tested the systems and chose SmartRecruiters as they felt it was the most intuitive, had the right functionality and language skills required for candidates and hiring managers.  

Design and implementation

Ensuring that the HR team's input was listened to was critical, as they would support with hiring manager engagement as well as be the primary users of the system. Throughout the project, a core HR team was actively engaged with the users by mapping current processes to understand where improvements needed to be made to design a sustainable and great user experience. Their involvement in the design and testing phases provided valuable insights and feedback, ensuring that the ATS fulfilled the needs of global users.



Number of employees:

Within four months, the implementation of the technology had a significant impact for the company's talent acquisition processes, resulting in incredible outcomes and achievements.

XP Power's implementation of the ATS brought about a transformative shift in their global talent acquisition practices. The collaborative approach in selecting, implementing, and engaging users throughout the process resulted in significant improvements in;

● Hiring efficiency
● Reduced reliance on recruitment agencies
● Increased in employee referrals
● High levels of satisfaction among candidates and hiring managers.

The ATS's automation and real-time data capabilities have empowered XP Power to make informed hiring decisions and help shape their talent acquisition strategy.

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