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🎉 Happy National Apprenticeship Week! 🎉

Updated: Apr 8

2 young people at a laptop.  Left to right: white female in checked shirt and mixed race male wearing white and blue t-shirt and

Still on the fence about apprenticeships? Here's why they're an invaluable asset to any business!

🌟 They're a vital pool of talent, with ability to develop the skills businesses need both now and in the future.

🌟 Apprenticeships significantly boost the UK's productivity and economic growth, contributing almost £700m annually to the economy.

🌟 They're available in over 600 occupations, from Social Media and Finance to Digital Marketing and Engineering, there's a fit for every industry!

🌟 Apprenticeships aren't just about learning, they're paid jobs where apprentices earn while they learn, gaining invaluable work experience and qualifications.

🌟 Depending on training and level, apprenticeships typically last between 15 months to 4 years, providing comprehensive skill development.

🌟 Over 90% of apprentices stay with their companies post-training, many progressing their careers within the organisation.

 Don't miss out on tapping into this incredible talent pool! 

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