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University vs Degree Apprenticeship: What's the Difference❓ 

Updated: Apr 8

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Many employers now offer degree apprenticeships in collaboration with universities, providing an alternative path to obtaining a degree.

✅Degree apprenticeships still lead to a degree level qualification from an accredited university, completed alongside full time employment. 

✅Each program is tailored to the organisation's needs, ensuring the qualification remains a degree while offering practical job experience throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. 

✅As a degree apprentice, you'll be employed by a company and receive a salary, with your tuition fees covered by the employer. This can be a debt free alternative to university, especially considering the average graduate debt in the UK is around £45K.

The choice between university and a degree apprenticeship is personal and depends on various factors, including your individual circumstances, preferred subject (not all subjects offer apprenticeships), career goals and whether you want to experience university life. 

Ultimately, both paths lead to valuable qualifications and career opportunities, it's about finding the best fit for your goals and aspirations.


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